Our Training Procedures

We offer a range of different procedures to help you get the most out of your Tezlom Franchise.


A strong brand name invokes excitement and passion. It promotes intrigue and mystery.

Social Media

Social media, in a nutshell, is being social but virtually. For businesses, it’s interacting with existing clients and potential clients.


Tezlom conducts robust screening and selection of candidates in line with current legislation, regulation, client contracts and best practice.


Tezlom conducts vigarious vetting and checking of workers.

Payroll and Factoring

Processing payroll couldn’t be easier, we work with an intergrated CRM system that allows the successful running of payroll.

Business Development

Selling isn’t telling, it is asking. Tezlom put rigorous steps in order, to ensure a successful phone call or client meeting can take place.


Tezlom use a CRM system that records the bookings of all shifts for each Tezlom location and is unique to each business.

Policies and Documents

Keep up to date with all the latest Tezlom documentation and policies. 

My Mental Health

A person’s professional performance is dramatically affected by what is happening outside of their working hours and what they are experiencing personally.